While exploring the Perdido Pass, Orange Beach Islands, and the rest of the Orange Beach waters, you will surely encounter the wildlife of South Alabama! From sea to sky, dozens of beautiful coastal creatures provide scenery for visitors. Learn which Orange Beach Wildlife will be seen and experienced during your Alabama Extreme Watersports Jet Ski rental!

Orange Beach Wildlife


Bottlenose Dolphin 
These friendly flippered friends are commonly seen throughout the Gulf Coast. Pods can be regularly found in Perdido Pass and will often times approach swimmers and watercraft in a curious and manner. It is important not to disturb or feed the dolphins, but there is no law against pulling your jet ski close and following at a safe distance.

In clear and shallow waters, stingrays can be seen gliding along the bottom. Ranging from a foot long to large as a human, stingrays are a majestic sight uncommon to many beach destinations.

Blue Crab 
These cranky little crustaceans can be seen scurrying across the bottom of the sea. More likely to hide than attack, these hard-shelled hotheads will clamp on when threatened, so it’s best to leave them be!

Sea Birds 
Dozens of species of sea birds call Orange Beach their home. Protected species like Wading Herons and Terns nest on the Orange Beach Islands including Bird Island and Robinson Island. Along with many of the more exotic birds, Ospreys, Pelicans, Seagulls, and more well-known sea birds can be found on the Orange Beach coast.

Sea Turtles 
Rarely seen from the surface, Sea Turtles frequent the Orange Beach waters during mating season (May to October). These gentle giants are stunning in person, and offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you’re lucky enough to find one!

Bald Eagles 
America incarnate, Bald Eagles can be spotted down the coast perched in trees, flying overhead, or hunting for fish. These larger-than-life birds stand at around 35 inches tall with a wingspan of approx. 80 inches!