An Orange Beach jet ski rental with Alabama Extreme Watersports means you are getting the best price and the best customer care on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Explore the beach in all of its glory and enjoy the sun and splash of the beautiful emerald waters aboard one of several speedy and stylish selections! One of most popular activities among jet skiers is paying a visit to one of the several Orange Beach Islands. Situated at the mouth of Bayou Saint John, these scenic islands are a few of the prettiest spots in Southern Alabama.

Explore the Orange Beach Islands with Alabama Extreme Watersports


Bird Island

orange-beach-islandsBird Island is a state owned island located smack dab in the heart of Perdido Pass. As a jet skier, there are few better spots to hang out on those hot summer days and holidays. A sweet social setting and also a place to see protected flora and fauna like Sea Oats and Wading Herons, be sure to put Bird Island on your list for places to visit on your next trip down to Orange Beach!

Robinson Island

Robinson Island is another public island situated in the Perdido Pass. Like Bird Island, Robinson Island is also a protected habitat and a popular destination for boaters, swimmers, and others seeking sun and serious relaxation. In fact, Bird Island and Robinson Island combine to form a public park. If you are on a jet ski, be sure to avoid the east side of the islands as they are considered ‘No Motor Zones.’ One of the most popular Orange Beach attractions, we encourage you to head on out to see what the excitement is all about!

Walker Island

Walker Island is the smallest of the Orange Beach Islands. Publicly owned and surrounded by important grass bed habitats for species such as crabs, shrimp, and a whole slew of fish, Walker Island is a pretty darn cool little spot. Enjoy the beautiful views and explore the shores while keeping an eye out for pretty wildlife and other beach goers alike!

Gilchrist Island

Gilchrist Island is a great place for paddleboarding, kayaking, and observing local marine animals and birds. The island is privately owned, so while you may not physically land on or explore the island, it provides a scenic backdrop for days spent cruising around the Bayou on your Orange Beach jet ski rental.